Curious how you guys might suggest picking this particular lick...see tabs inside

Take a look at this relatively simple, but kinda cool-sounding pentatonic-ish exercise.
I am curious how you guys might suggest picking it.
My picking hand feels much more inclined to pick this economically in a DOWN, DOWN, UP manner for each triplet.
I did try cross-picking!
it, and it seemed ok…but just felt like I was able to do it a bit faster/cleaner with an economic technique.

What about you guys??

I’m just giving economy another try again after a few years. That riff I would currently try as U D U or U D U D D U. That gives a consistent hit order on the 2nd string notes D U - and a consistent U on the 3rd string note or U D alt sound on the 3rd string note.

Having a hard time thinking in my head what 16th note triplets sounds like at 100 BPM, but I’d practice this alternate picked; in a “real” scenario would just span the frets so each group of 6s is on a single string.

I’d do it the same as you, down, down, up. Initially this type of picking pattern feels awkward but once it’s in your repertoire it becomes incredibly effortless to do super fast/clean

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