Damian Salazar - demonic street performer

Don’t know if he’s come up for discussion on this forum. Incredible chops to say the least. Unique pick grip too. Absolute scathing rippage… this guy is fully committed.

He’s even played with scorpions on stage since being discovered, though that performance is not so great, don’t think he could hear himself.

edit: Every time I try to delete my facebook account something other the other comes up and I need to use it for, though I’d look him up since maybe he had some lessons or something to help with… no lessons afaik but some killer backing tracks, this kid is the second comming of Paganini if you ask me.


I think he needs to try decaf…

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hahah really! I think hes brilliant, never heard any body approach those speeds.

“A look, a guy playing guitar incredibly, unearthly skilled… Let’s just walk on by with a bored facial expression.”
I would just sit down, marvel at his skills and throw 50 bucks in his hat :wink:


Don’t get me wrong, I love fast guitar and I don’t generally like to comment on the visuals of a guitar player, but I actually find watching this guy play kind of stressful! His musical intensity is non-stop and doesn’t grab me after the initial 20 seconds. Maybe I’m getting old before my time??? Lol. That being said, no doubt he is super passionate about his playing and all power to him for playing the way he wants. Maybe I’ll give this another watch…

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Yeah man, watch it till the end; the dude really steps on it; thought all the folks here might be into this sort of thing :smile:

Totally man; folks these days wouldn’t know talent if it jumped out of a bush and bit them in the arse!

I’d stop whatever it was that I was doing, a big tip and sign up for lessons or something! How many with record deals can play like that, this track is berzerk.

Love his other tracks too.

Not everything he does is in that frenzy:

If so, then you and I both are getting old before our times! He gets the point across that he is capable if playing rapidly but he doesn’t need to beat his audience over the head with that one thing, which is what he’s doing. There’s nothing here that moves me on an emotional level, there aren’t melodies that are beautiful. The objective of music is to manipulate people’s emotions, make them laugh, make them cry, make them feel something in their soul. Instead he plays as if he’s getting paid by the note and that’s never a good approach. All the iconic fast players from DiMeola to Malmsteen can do a lot more than just show you how fast they are. They can all touch your soul.

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OK get it; just thought there’s something to learn from; he’s obviously got incredible technique. And this is the one kind of forum where this would be appreciated. My Bad!

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I’ll take a look!

True, but each to their own I suppose.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that its the guitar dude thats got it backwards - totally inappropriate choice of material (especially if he is busking for cash!) If you play this sort of stuff to the average public, most will not understand what or why he is playing the guitar the way he his and won’t appreciate it.

However, if he is of the mindset that he just wants to play his music regardless of the above, then I praise him highly!

It is appreciated matey, don’t apologise!!! And don’t take my post seriously (after all who the hell am I? Lol) - There definitely is plenty to learn from this guy, his technique is ripping.


There’s no need to get your back up; I was replying to @Picking Apprentice who made the comment " actually find watching this guy play kind of stressful! His musical intensity is non-stop and doesn’t grab me after the initial 20 seconds. Maybe I’m getting old before my time???" I let him know he wasn’t the only one who felt the way he did about that music.

I’ve posted videos of musicians too, videos that got less than a rousing ovation from this forum. I didn’'t take it personally. This is the internet - a highly unnatural construct. It’s an artificial environment. The day I let comments from the internet affect me personally is the day I quit posting on the internet for good.

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The Queen one is much more up my street… had much more soul and everything had a lot more time to breathe and allowed more appreciation of the speedy licks that were injected here and there.

I did, still not 100% sold on it haha! Alot of the middle notes in some of the arps were a bit sketchy (not that I could do any better!) And overall his “slower playing” was so much better. I don’t suppose the recording quality helped much though.

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I did see the first vid before, yes its fast, and from what I remember repetitive ( but I may be wrong?) Anyway I thought I also saw he was on stage with the Scorpions, or Klaus meine from the Scorpions recently? I tuned in on it because I am a big 70’s Uli Scorps fan, as well as 80’s :slight_smile: