Dark Flamenco suggestions?


I am looking for specific tracks and artists.

Flamenco music but with extremely high tension, extremely dark,spooky etc

Something like "flamenco from a horror movie"
or something that can be defined as “Elfman’s flamenco from Burton’s films”.
Flamenco with playing outside

It can even be a combination of jazz but the main motive is “darkness and gloominess” at maximum concentration.

Something like this but darker,scarier

( especially from 4:40 to 4:50 )

I recently discovered Strunz & Farah and I really like their music
despite the fact that all their albums are very similar and none is dark :slight_smile:
but compared to Vicente Amigo - Paseo de Gracia
or Janos Varga The Mediterranean Combo - Latin Fantasy
Strunz & Farah I enjoy and most of the typical flamenco musicians bore me.


Hm…interesting silence :wink: caused by unawareness or lack of interest?
In that case, I will share a fragment of letter from Jorge Strunz.

As far as dark flamenco goes, this is related more to the specific darker “toques” involved, such as Tarantas, Seguiriyas, Soleares, Granadinas, Mineras, Cartageneras.
Some of the best new guitarists are Antonio Rey, Diego del Morao, Vicente Amigo, Jesus Guerrero, Niño Seve (Severiano Jimenez), Yago Santos, Amos Lora, etc, although Paco de Lucia’s recordings of the above toques, as well as Sabicas’ before him should be heard.


I know exactly what kind of sound you have in mind, but I’m not aware of artists that make such dark flamenco :frowning:


Dark cabaret

& mourning flame-N-Co

It’s hard to find more but thanks to that searchings are more exciting.

Daniel van den Berg