Dava Delrin Jazz first impressions

My go to pick is the Petrucci Jazz iii but ever since I tried the purple Delrin Dunlop 500 1.5mm (Malmsteen equivalent pick) I wondered how the chirp might be on a pointy, jazz iii Delrin pick. I like the low chirp of the Malmsteen pick but couldn’t get by with the lack of note definition from a rounded tip. Anyhow, I am tentatively impressed with the Dava Delrin Jazz grip tips. I’m referring to the red ones, in a pack of six with a product number D9024.

The size is a bit bigger than a jazz iii; almost exactly the same as a Petrucci iii. The control is similar to a Petrucci but you’ll feel a difference with the Delrin, for better or worse. The chirp is subjectively less than the Ultex Petrucci as well as the nylon standard jazz iii.

I’m more impressed than I expected to be. I’m finding the chirp control with a bright, Malmsteen-like rig to be advantageous. I wonder what the wear characteristics will be like in the long haul. I’m interested to hear your experiences with these picks.

I use these Dava picks, but the pink ones (gels?). I also used to play the jazz iii, but now I can’t go back. I find I get the best tone/chirp ratio with them- all the picks I like the feel of do chirp, but the Dava ones are awesome.

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I have these picks & find them more chirpy than a red Jazz III. They’re also harder to play with because of a lack of bevel IMO

The smoothest & least chirpy shred picks I’ve come across is the Green Jazz III Kirk Hammet signature.

If you’re able to go down to .73 or .88 thickness you can even use Ultex Flow & primetone