David Maxim (Develop) Rhythmic difficulty

What is happening With the Rhythm in the David Maxim Micic song -Develop- from the 4:42 to the end of the song, I heard a weird Rhytmic Modulation (I think) after the 4:55.
Is Polyrhythm with constant modulations or something else? What type of Polyrhythm. Somebody has a Tab where I can see this clearly?

I’m listening now and I think the 4/4 ends with a short 2/4 or 6/4, is almost the same to in 5/8 accenting the Snare at the first beat, after the first measure a 4 against 5 polyrhythm emphasizing the 2 rhythm later. Ufff a lot of listening, I think that’s it. Somebody can corroborate my analysis?

Is there a YouTube link you can post here to easily show the specific part you’re talking about? Might make it easier for folks to reply with some thoughts on this!