DBX Tracking with forearm motion

Messing around with DBX motions - I think the most annoying aspect seems to be reversing direction and string tracking. The DBX info is a bit scattered so not sure if this has been covered, but I notice if I start on low strings with a downward pickslant/DSX while ascending and put the forearm emphasis on the upstroke to push to the next string and reverse this descending, it seems like it could help with string tracking quite a bit.

The way I’m thinking about it is starting with a pickslant, for ascending it’s UWPS (DSX) - the downstroke escapes, so coming back up forearm rotation will be used to escape. One you hit the highest string, reverse to DWPS (USX) and forearm rotation is now used on the downstrokes. The forearm movement has more force behind it so it could be able to propel you to the next string just enough to assist with string tracking without finger anchoring.

Quick example, I only started trying this out today so it’s not exactly smooth