Definitely, abosolutely not Johnny B. Goode

I’m a little late to this AI music thing. But this exists and the company that made it, Suno, doesn’t know why they’re getting sued by the major record labels??

Or how about “Prancing Queen”:

You’re telling me nobody at the company heard these and was like, “Um, guys, these ones are no good — can you hit the ‘regenerate’ button again??”

The CEO of Suno, Mikey Shulman, has a physics PhD from Harvard and teaches at MIT. On the lawsuits he commented:

Our technology is transformative; it is designed to generate completely new outputs, not to memorize and regurgitate pre-existing content. Suno is built for new music, new uses, and new musicians. We prize originality.

Sure pal.

Why is this even hosted on their site at all? Can they not take it down because they’re getting sued and it would be too obvious? What is the play here exactly???


These songs are user generated, based on a prompt some user wrote. That’s probably their legal defense at this point. AFAICT this isn’t monetized either, so there’s no huge pot of gold to go after to motivate a lawsuit. I’m sure they’ll get sued, and lose, once there’s some money to go after.

Aha, I didn’t catch that. Was this the prompt?

1950s rock and roll, 12 bar blues, rhythm & blues, rockabilly, energetic male vocalist

Or is that just a bunch of tags? Because if this was the prompt and the result was it basically cloned Johnny B. Goode, that’s a pretty big fail. We all know the models are trained on existing works, but when it then outputs those existing works almost verbatim, it makes it harder to swallow.


Grim… Interesting to see how this all plays out 🫤

That is the prompt, but the user also gave it lyrics.

Give it a try and make a song, it is free…

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Can we invent something akin to a Voight-Kampff test but for music…

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Well, the case of Johnny B Goode is complicated even further by a temporal loop:

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We may have to soon enough :sweat_smile:

Haven’t watched this in a while, but hats off to Michael J. Fox for A-list mimed guitar acting!


Pretty much the best movie of all time. Ever.

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I didn’t see that movie, but did he play the song before Judas Priest wrote it, creating the problem (the guy on the phone…)? :slightly_smiling_face:

(Actually the end was funny, there were some shots out to The Who, Hendrix, etc.!)

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The big labels are suing every AI that is using their intellectual property to train their AI. It is not to protect the artist - it is so they can use their own material to train their own AI, using their cataloque. So it is a matter of who gets the best AI and here, what you feed the AI is critical.


I won’t be surprised if songs are uniquely generated for individual subscribers before long, “play Metallica sung by opera divas with guitar by YJM,” or whatever.


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Not all AI-generated material is so laughably derivative.

There exist AI works of art that are profoundly original.

Like this one. I’ve never heard anything quite like it in my life

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