Developing ticks that you can’t correct?

Does anybody else have these issues? One of my big ones is speeding up past the beat once I start picking on the lower strings. If I play a lick starting on the high E and work my way to the lower E, by the time I hit the D string my fingers start spazzing out, i start playing off time, and get lost with what I’m suppose to be doing. I have issues with my fretting hand too. My fingers just start wiggling around, almost as if i have a gimp leg mainly on the lowers strings, and for the life of me i can’t stop doing it? I guess these are so ingrained in my brain after 30 years of playing that they’re there for life. :cry:

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New guy here from NM, USA and overhauling the right hand week 1 of a 6 month subscr. A Strategy that seems to work for me in general is “take smaller bites and chew more thoroughtly”… or break the phrase into smaller 4 ( or 3 or ?) note clusters in ea area and then work on seaming them up. Hope this is helpful.


Use a metronome, drum machine, or click track!

Gee why didn’t I think of that??? What exactly is a metronome though? :joy:

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A metronome is your best friend in music.