Difference in comfortable speed between USX and DSX

I’m happy with my progress so far using USX motions and am building my vocabulary with this, however I find when I try phrases that lend themselves to DSX (like a 2nps pentatonic run) my ‘comfort speed’ is a little slower.

Has anyone else found this?

It may be that USX is the way you roll; I have found that to be the case for me.

Is USX + double-escaped strokes to change strings faster than DSX? Because that combination should let you play “DSX” lines with an USX orientation. I’m actually in a similar boat right now, so I should experiment with this myself: I tend to swipe when I think I’m playing DSX lines.

I haven’t gone down the double escape route yet…want feel solid in DSX to better match my USX. I’ve played with pick grip while in USX position which both feels weird and looks weird. My next step is to play with anchor points while I change to more supplination for the DSX phrases. DSX just feels…weaker.