Digital Drummer for Logic?

I’m using Logic to make demos of my own tunes. The buiilt-in drummer is OK, sometimes. Then I tried Drum Kit From Hell and found that it can’t handle time signature changes.

What should I try? I’m looking for a drum software that’s visual and intuitive, sounds good, and can also follow things like tempo and time signature changes from Logic.

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The best one I used was BFD3 from FXpansion. Very easy to use and sounded amazing. You do need a lot of HD space to install it on though.

Apart from that EZDrummer 2 was very good.

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Edit: Rewriting the answer

DFH will work if you are using the DAW correctly.
You need to add a MIDI track in Logic and route it to the sampler (DFH). From that MIDI track you tell the sampler (DFH) what tempo it is and what you want it to play.

Go to Youtube and search for “How to create a MIDI track in Logic”, “How to edit drums in Logic”, “How to route a MIDI track to a VST instrument in Logic”, “How to make tempo changes In Logic” and so on and you should be good to go.

There are some really good samplers like Steven Slate drummer, Get Good Drums (Use with NI Kontakt), Superior Drummer + Expantion Packs which sounds huge.

For my digital demos I found that mapping the drums through Guitar Pro and then exporting the midi files of the drums and plugging those into Drumkit From Hell to be the best route. I’m pretty fast with Guitar Pro’s interface so I found I could do more detailed drum parts at a quicker turnaround that way.

Cubase has a dedicated drum programming module. I’d download Cubase free, program there, and then export back into Logic as a MIDI file.

The virtual instrument you use is secondary.

If you don’t mind paying for a good headache free plugin that’s relatively easy to use, you can give EZ Drummer 2 a shot.

DKFH is an EZD plug in. EZD cannot handle time signature changes.

ToonTrack blames MIDI for that. Well, first toontrack tried instructing me on how to get EZD to follow time signature changes:

Please use Follow Host at the bottom of EZD2 so EZD2 can follow tempo and time signature changes in your Logic session.

After many weeks of extremely friendly and futile support messages, they concluded with:

The samples in EZD2 will trigger correctly based off the MIDI in Logic (with the tempo and meter changes), but the meter changes cannot be followed or displayed by the EZD2 software inserted in the session. Follow Host is designed for the MIDI in EZD2 to follow the tempo in the DAW during playback.

They wrote “cannot be followed” but is that correct?

If it is impossible, then no software will be able to do it. However, they also wrote that the samples in EZD2 will trigger correctly based off the MIDI in Logic (with the tempo and meter changes) during playback.

But actually, that’s false; EZD does not follow meter changes during playback regardless of the state of the “follow host” button. EZD seems to ignore meter change data from the host.

So I tried to recruit Jim to play drums on the tune. But Jim is always busy. So now I don’t know what to do.

As much as I wanted to get this done, it looks like it will not happen. And I have just accepted a job offer. I’m really not happy about having to do that.

Sorry to hijarck the thread a bit, but I’m a drum programming noob. I would like to get a plugin that has a good library of ready made drum parts that I can use.

I can’t write my own to save my life :laughing:

EZ drummer does that. It’s fine until you want time signature changes. It can’t do that. and according to Toontrack support, it’s because of MIDI.

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Let me test this out for you as well on my setup.

Hey I just tried this out, I does follow the track tempo in single channel, but for multiple meter changes all you got to do is use multiple tracks, as in if you got one track in 4/5, the other can be what ever else you need, and put the midi in appropriately for a layered workflow. Hope this helps.


Thank you guys! Any good tutorial vids about Ez Drummer? I would like to slowly learn how to program ready made drum parts to suit my ideas.

Bill there are tons of good reviews on you tube the are almost are practically walk through, then there are the tutorials like this.

A handy workaround (and, IMO, a better workflow anyway) is EZ Drummer probably can’t support time signature changes when you’re using it to create and generate drum parts, but if you’re using it to read MIDI from a MIDI track in your DAW and then translate that into a drum performance, it’s agnostic - I haven’t used EzDrummer in years (I eventually upgraded to Superior 2, and then jumped to 3 when it came out), but I never remember it having trouble with this when it was used as a MIDI reader, rather than the host for the MIDI performance.

Wow, thanks a lot Twangsta!! I had EzDrummer 2 for ages but never used it because I didn’t understand how. This got me running in 5 minutes indeed. Already programmed a beat for a song that I’m trying to write.

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This does not work. I just created a new track with the section beginning at M60. I put EZD pattern from M60 and it started over 1 measure late. I moved it to M59 and it’s still late, not quite 1M. EZ Drummer is not working, so I am stuck with using Logic Drummer.

Have you tried using EzDrummer as a virtual instrument to play MIDI from a track in your DAW?


you can you take a screen shot of how you got it laid out?

The patter creator and search tool is pure genius, though it would be nice to have community created content too!

Glad it worked out for you. It’s a worthy investment for the easy of use and fewer options compared to some IMHO.

I’ll do a screen recording of EZD software instrument in Logic.