Diminished arpeggios

Hey guys, let me know what do you think of my version to the first ex’ of Yngwie in the reh tape am I doing it right?
I hope you’ll see too troy😁


Nice lick! Your playing is pretty tight for that speed.

If i may give a recommendation, i’d focus on the synchronization of the upstroke on the G-string next. If you slow the video down to 50% you can hear that those notes are always a bit less clean than the others.

Also, when you play the downstroke on the same string, you get a super percussive sound. I think thats because you hit the string during the slide. I often have the same prob when shifting positions at high speeds.

Great work so far, keep it up :slight_smile:

P.S. i hope i dont sound over-critical, those notes are the most difficult part of that sequence (imo) and some inconsitency there is no biggy.

Thank you for recommendation bro but there is no upstroke on the G string according to Yngwie’s rules arpeggios that goes desc and than asc going like this: upstroke than pull off on the E, upstroke on B and than you go down down down from the G string back to the E haha I tell you what when I came back from the G string to the high E I did a palm muting to make this percussive sound just like Yngwie did in the reh tape so it was on purpose but I’m so glad that you liked it rock on dude🎸

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At 25% speed, it seems that you’re skipping through notes 4 and 5 and holding on to 6 longer to make up the time. Try starting it from half way through as a separate drill so that you’re timing the downward sweep evenly.

I remember trying to do this, and was having the same problem. It’s really tough to ‘evenly space’ the notes, and to hit them with the same sorta attack.