Directional picking vs altenate :context

Sooo, I started learnign directional picking like 1 month ago and its going amazing( by my own standards) and i wanted to ask yall smth (picking in the direction of the string u change to and alternative on the same string)

For example, the clean intro in Paradise city i almost can’t imagine being played in any other way than alternative picking with maybe “resets” for the full chord strumming ( playing all the 5/6 strings whatever)

What would be some ways to think about it when choosing which technique to use and how to “reset” it and stuff?

Like even with alternative, if u finish the phrase on a down stroke, when playing the “strum” u end up “reseting it” by playing the strum downstroke too, so im havin a bit of a debate on this thingy

Just to be clear, when you refer to directional picking, you don’t mean sweep/economy picking right?
I ask because the intro to Paradise city is chord arpeggiation and it’s just at a slow/medium tempo.

I tend to do the sort of thing with individual down and up strokes. So I might have a few upstrokes in a row (not swept ) and maybe a down to turn it around or vice versa.

I probably wouldn’t be using strict alternate picking or strict directional picking. I’d just feel it out and see what feels easiest to me.