Directional Picking

Anyone ever try this? Just seems like economy to me and he has a downward slant right?

Looks like an upward slant as per the terminology on CtC. Eric Johnson has a downward slant, this guy is doing the opposite of that. But yeah, to call this directional and differentiate from economy picking seems odd to me.

To me, this is just a 2nps lick or pattern, and though efficient, inflexible. I used to use this when I played the No More Tears solo (ascending pentatonic run at the end). It’s great when you stay on 2 strings the whole time, but it breaks down when you need to play more complicated patterns that change from those 2 strings.

okay sorry i probably just get confused. So upward slant is a more pronated grip but doesnt have to result in an upward escape preference right?

AND DUDE youre so right! The No more tears pentatonic run on 2 strings is why I developed using economy picking (or directional) for fast repetitive runs on just two strings

I know there are exceptions, but generally if you slant upwards you’d have escaped down strokes. Naturally pronating would put you in that posture. If you slant downwards your upstrokes will be escaped. This is natural from a supinated posture. It gets murky because you can do a lot of mixing and matching but with various ‘helper’ movements end up still escaping either direction.

I’ve been practicing that No More Tears run with downward pickslanting/upward escape a lot lately. I’m still faster with economy, but at least I can finally play it at his tempo with pure alternate picking lol! Back in the day I couldn’t get it…because I used upward pick slanting. I had no chance, unless of course I would have begun the phrase on an upstroke. I just didn’t get it. That God for CtC!

Thats what i thought. I guess it’s hard for me to distinguish his slants and wrist placement in that video

Check it out around 8:40. Great camera angle there. Clear upward slant.

Recently there has been much discussion on watching the path of the pick, rather than the slant just because sometimes what appears as a slant (or the lack of a slant even) is deceiving. The way the pick is teaveling and the escape that occurs is what matters.

This pattern can be played with zero slant. Just pushing straight through the strings with a trapped motion would yield the same results

I also dont think I can really play like Zakk, i have to change it up. Have you learned the Miracle man solo yet? I cant do that the way he does without a lot of extra practice. I have to go U D U U. Can link a video if you need

Sure! Curious what slant/trajectory you use that facilitates that.

honestly not much of a slant but my preference for string changes after an upstroke really comes out in those fast licks. It’s inside picking with a sweep from the last note of the high E to the B