Discovering Brazilian choro guitar with César Garabini

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The César Garabini interview is up! This is a really great introduction to Brazilian choro guitar for total newbies, myself included. Cesar is a super easygoing and relatable guy. You’ll chuckle when he talks about his guitar journey and starts singing and strumming “Wonderwall” with all open strings. Choro players — they’re just like us!

This one includes both of César’s barnstorming duets with Olli Soikkeli, “Alumiando” and “Um A Zero”, painstakingly transcribed by Levi Clay. It’s a trip to load them up in GP and hit “play” and hear a totally virtual version of these two great improvisational performances coming back at you out of the speakeres. There are also two solo acoustic pieces played by César alone, the Jobim tune “A Felicidade”, and the jazz standard “After You’ve Gone”.

We also talk about improvisation and learning the neck in different keys, particularly the extra chording possibilities enabled by the seventh string tuned to C.

This was a fun one.


This is awesome playing. There’s something about the duet that reminds me of the old Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed performances.