Do You Find Inside Picking Or Outside Picking Harder And Why?

Which Do You Find More Difficult - Inside or Outside Picking?

Why do you find the one you chose to be more difficult? What happens when you do it that doesn’t happen on the one you find easier?

Depends on whether you’re descending or ascending. Your pickslanting will determine this in addition. For example ascending inside changes are easy for my and descending inside changes are harder.

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No meaningful difference between the two. Honestly can’t even tell. If you’re relaxed while performing both types, you’ll find the same. I think the difficulty is exaggerated and players have their preferences because they never learned to remain relaxed while doing one or the other or both. If all that you play on the instrument is within your total control, nothing is necessarily hard.

Sometimes I think I find one hard, and sometimes the other, which leads me to think that it’s something ELSE about the lines in question that’s tripping me up.

Inside string changes are so much easier for me. The bulk of my practice at present is trying to address this.
Funnily enough, although slower, my outside picking sounds really clean sometimes a lot cleaner than my relaxed inside picking… Why is the guitar so damn hard!!!

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Depends on the context but as a general I use inside picking more and it is extremely comfortable to me. I use it for way more things. That said outside picking is the only way I can play certain specific things and in those contexts it’s the “comfiest” available option. I find I’m usually not consciously aware of if I’m using one or the other, it’s only now when I’m learning or writing new material that I think about what approach I’ll take.

Outside picking is much more easy for me.
My guess is that because I tend to do small movements with more or less prominent pick planting. The very idea of moving my pick from the string I’m going to play next upsets my right hand ) And that large pickstroke I have to do after… Comparing to outside picking when my pick moves to the next string and stays close to it before picking - the choice is obvious.
Though after CtC I try to use large movements more.