Does anyone know how Marty Friedman played this lick?

Using usx I assume.

I think it might be Jason playing it on the actual produced track.

I’m almost certain it’s like this:


Which is full of Martyisms. Sweep the G to B, Up on High E and Down going back to B, which is all USX.


Well, that tab looks good on my comp, but it displays as a mess on my phone, so here. There’s a little push and pull to the rhythm, but not worth me notating. haha


So it’s hammers ascending?

I’d say so, so he can get the upstroke on high E.

I remembered from watching Exotic Metal Guitar DECADES ago that he demonstrated how he did this basic pattern, so I went to go see if I could find that now. Lo and behold, he plays the EBE lick itself, more or less, right in his opening solo.

EDIT: I haven’t watched this since I was a teen, but I imagine if you’re into Cacophony-era Marty, this would be a good vid to study.


omg man thanks for pointing that out

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I believe Ben Higgins has done a short article and video for Guitar World explaining this lick which you might find useful.


Thanks man, the version I learned was using sweeping, with a kind of double stop hammer. It’s really akward, the one you two a posting are much better.


I can’t offer any help but I can say that I’m kind of obsessed with this lick now… I had this record when it came out, same with Marty’s, but I never listened close enough of thought to learn any of it. But this lick is freaking amazing! I love this kind stuff!

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Yeah it’s really cool, I have Martys book from Exotic metal guitar but I can’t find the intro playing in it, it’s got everything but that intro piece, it’s something I’d probably never think of playing.