Does the membership include exercises, tab or just videos?

Does the membership include exercises, tab or just videos? Just wondering

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Yes, almost all the guitar playing you can see / hear is tabbed.

There’s really tons of tabbed examples, and I’d say it would be up to you to choose which ones you want to do as exercises. It all depends on your musical and technical goals :slight_smile:

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So, not really a clear progression path of from east to hard, It is more like choose your own adventure?

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The short answer is that there are so many possible techniques and styles of playing, when it comes to picking, that it is probably not possible to provide a single path that everyone should follow. On the other hand, you will find material that is useful for pretty much any style of playing, from jazz to neoclassical metal :slight_smile:

Maybe you’ll get a better idea of how everything is organised by having a look at the link below. These “picking motion” pages are free for everyone to view, and give a nice overview of what CTC has to offer:

As a long time subscriber, there is a clear path in the lesson segments on Yngwie and Eric Johnson. Yngwie especially, starting with a lick on 1 string. Taking that lick to two strings, focusing on the hand motion to cross the string. Taking that back down to the original string.

As Tommo said, there are tons of tabbed examples across all spectrums, from Bluegrass, to country, to metal.

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Thank you for your help everyone

Also, the forum is accessible for everyone. So if there’s something you’re having a specific problem figuring out, nothing says you need to pay for a membership to get some help, usually a few videos shot looking down the neck at your picking hand will reveal more than 6 pages of talky talky ; ) and save you months of frustration.

Also it might focus your purchase (should you decide to do so) towards something more specifically applicable to you, instead of just the generic information. If in the end you decide to go the more a la carte sort of option.

This is not to say it’s not worth subscribing or anything, far from it, but it’s available and a very low barrier of entry.