Don't know what is meant by swiping

I’ve read this term on this forum several times but I have never heard of it so I don’t know what it is referring to.

It’s when you pick through a string to get to another string but it’s muted so it doesn’t make a tonal sound but it can add more of an aggressive attack. I haven’t used swiping (except maybe messily on accident) so other users can probably give specific examples and details.

We really should build a glossary of terms!

I think I know what you mean now. It’s a deliberate technique kind of like sweep picking but the strings are muted as your pick rakes across them.

@357mag you’re on the money, although I’d add that some people don’t do it deliberately (because they aren’t totally sure what they’re even doing to begin with).

It isn’t only deliberate. It often just happens because your technique/form doesn’t let you clear the string in all circumstances. Some of the best players do it without even realising they’re doing it.


it is what happens in a one way escape picking approach where the string crossing happens but you purposefully use the trapped pick attack to quickly get through the next string using your fretting hand to mute the stroke trying to make the perception that no note has been said to then use an escape stroke to hit the same string. I am unsure if this is something that you would do with dsx as it wouldn’t be as simple to use the fretting hand to mute the string. This is what it looks like in tablature form for usx. its not impossible for dsx I just did it, it requires using the tip of the fretting finger to mute the string. i also think you might want to steer clear of areas that create harmonics above those frets that are being muted during the swipe unless the backing soundscape has that tonality then it might work out ok.