Don't know what is meant by tracking

What is meant by tracking?

I suppose that’s the part of picking where you get your pick in position to pick a certain string. It can be tricky to be sure! Faster 2NPS stuff kind of gets me!

It’s how you get from string to string. So with small distances, you might do it with your wrist, larger distances you might need to move your arm.

I say “might”, because how you do it depends on all the other factors, such as are you a wrist picker? Elbow picker, sit with the guitar right leg or left leg etc etc. There are lots of variables! But, as far as I know anyway, string tracking is how you get from string to string.

@jptk so like as an example, doing DSX tremolo on the G string and then moving to the B string.

The directional movement never changes but the downstroke when you pluck the G string during a single string tremolo is way shorter than the downstroke where you pluck the G string to escape toward the B string and set up for the B string up stroke? That movement is the tracking?

Yeah I think is basically what tracking refers to. Just whatever motion you are doing to move from one string to another.

As a side note, I’ve found that my tracking becomes more accurate when I don’t think about how I do it.

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