Double escape success stories?

@spirogyro, mildly off topic :grin:, but what axe are you playin in the clip above? I’m looking for an SSS strat type, with the volume knob as far away as possible from the strings/bridge.

Lol Edit - just noticed that you took the volume knob off! Serves me right watching it on my phone without my glasses on!

Yep, it’s a Mexican Fender strat with a new pickguard and the volume knob off - gives me a bit more room haha.

Exactly! Why try and build a house with just a hammer? There’s so many tools at our disposal and to intentionally ignore other tools in favour of just one is incredibly short sighted in the long run but it’s so easy to fall into that trap :sob:

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Thanks! For all the standards I’ve learned I just figure the basic melody out by ear and then make my own arrangements with some inspiration from whichever player’s version I like the best. I don’t use tabs a whole lot but I did just tab and notate a couple fun grass licks for the CtC gang to try out here since I know people like tabs :poop: you can find them in this thread: