Download issues?

Don’t know if anyone else is having trouble, or maybe just my internet provider is wonky, but I’ve been having issues trying to download the latest Martin Miller interview. I got the “original” version after a few false starts, but I’ve been trying to download against since @Troy made some tweeks to the audio editing, but the download keeps aborting after about 60MB. I’m using 64 bit Firefox v64.0 on 64 bit Windows 7. Tagging @Brendan in case it’s not just me having the issue.

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Sorry for the issues - I’ll test right now…

Downloaded. Didn’t take too long, maybe ten minutes. Not sure if this is location-dependent. Give it another shot, maybe different browser, and let us know if you’re still having issues.

Will do. Like I said, it took me multiple tries on the original version, but eventually got through, so it’s entirely possible the issue is on my end. Just thought I’d speak up in case anyone else is having issues.