Downpicking at 300 BPM+

Hey guys,

Broke my high E string so I’ve switched to downpicking until I break my low E lol. Here is some footage of my practice sessions from yesterday (Day 1). Also I have managed to capture a cool moment where this Shawn Lane/Michael Romeo tapping lick I was practicing jumped up in speed on the third repetition. It’s interesting to see moments where things click on video.

As far as technique goes, I believe the motion comes from the wrist… The movements looks very, very small. I’m shooting for 4 groups of 16th notes at 300-340 BPM. One day…

240 BPM Warmup

300 BPM - Take 1 with Bonus Tremolo

300 BPM - Take 2 (Best Take)

Up Close at 300 BPM

Shawn Lane/Michael Romeo Tapping Lick


Day #2 - Narration of Practice

Just recorded this. I’ve seen a slight improvement with a surprise at the end. Couldn’t believe it worked.


Do you mean 8th notes, not 16ths? I can’t imagine downstrokes only is possible at that speed!!!

Yeah, good catch, I meant 8ths. I find the double time helps with the mental processing of the chunks.

This is an interesting mechanic. It doesn’t really look like a downstroke, it’s more like a tapped hammer stroke with the right hand, like the way piano hammers hit the string. I can see why this can be repeated so quickly: the pick doesn’t seem to actually move through the string, so you eliminate the “reset” movement to prep for the next downstroke.

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Yeah, the movement is so slight and from that I see what you mean. I’m surprised how despite the tiny nature of the mechanic it’s still able to produce a loud attack/note even at high speeds. I’m not really sure what’s going on here tbh, besides the wrist movement.