Dragonball Z song I need help with

I time stamped it, it sounds like the harmonics Eddie used with his palm, but I’ve no idea, how would you do this? Just before the red screen, how would you replicate that?

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I assume it’s basically this with post production editing? Something I’ve wanted to do long before I started playing. And before I knew of evh.

is this one better quality it might help with transcribing

Internet Archive: Dragon Ball Z - Cha-La Head-Cha-La Theme Song

I had to re-link it this way because I think it compresses the audio from the forum wiggit compared to the internet archive player.

can also run it through moises app to cut out all the other parts

might could also help make a backing track for you also because you can rip out each track and download them separately. then put them back together with your lead part in a daw.

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