DSX bluegrass tabs

Hi there
I have some Bryan Sutton tabs from a LinkedIn course of his that I bought. He has tabbed out lots of bluegrass standards which are prominently DSX, very few awkward changes after an upstroke and using legato to make those changes where they are needed.

Can I post them here or would that be not allowed?

I’m conscious that not a lot of bluegrass DSX tabs exist so I’m keen to get something out there for people to get going quickly once they have a Dsx motion going.

MODS/ADMIN : let me know!! Or please advise if you can on how to help?

I’m not sure of mods approval/disapproval, but in a more ‘general ethics’ sense I think if someone is selling digital content, especially a “small business” such as a bluegrass guitarist, it’s a form of ‘stealing’ to share that paid content for free. Encouraging folks to buy the course is a cool way to go though…

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I agree. Check out the course. It’s on the LinkedIn learning portal