DSX Players: What are your best major scale fingerings?

That coating that is on the Elixir strings dulls the tone.

The nanoweb coated Elixirs are a bit duller than new uncoated strings, but I think they’re much less dull sounding than uncoated strings that have been played for a while.

The polyweb coated Elixirs did sound dull to me when I tried them.

For the wound strings they somehow wrap a teflon tube around them. At first (late 1990’s?) they had only one type of tube, but then they added a second type, and then, a third. I get confused about the names, but I think it was Polyweb, then Nanoweb, then Optiweb. Each tube has less impact on the tone, they seem to get thinner/tighter. I’d love to see a factory tour.

I agree with @Tom_Gilroy that unless one loves to change strings regularly the Elixir strings will rapidly start to sound much better.

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I came to this conclusion too. odd number of notes on the first string, followed by evens on subsequent strings. is this one of those “it just works” situations or has he ever spoken about this as an intentional design?

There was an old audio interview on YouTube posted by Bill Hall with Yngwie around the time he left Alcatrazz where he briefly mentioned that he doesn’t pick everything, saying that he doesn’t play “right”.

The interviewer doesn’t investigate much further but it definitely shows that he is aware of his technique to some degree, maybe more then he lets on nowadays. Sadly the video got taken down by Yngwie/his management but I did share it at the time here:

Unfortunately that video is gone. DMCA by yngwie

He was like learning how to speed read, but with musical audiation, because he might have already had perfect pitch during this speed development anomaly that was going on. So he wasn’t really able to understand what was going on other than maybe the recording equipment from the studio or the guitar was going out of tune because of the cold weather.

Funny enough I hope the next response is that I derailed the thread, because I have offered phrasing fingerings for major on this thread. But when the thread shifted my riffs went into that thread, not my fault.

Personally, I don’t really believe Yngwie in that clip because that has not been my experience. For 10 years of my life I tried to start slow and speed up with no results. Whereas now I learnt my current motion within 6 months and I’ve almost learnt DSX wrist in a couple of weeks (starting with speed) :grin:

In the interview from 1983, he comes across to me like he is being a lot more candid, mentioning players like Al Di Meola and Uli Jon Roth as his biggest influences, something I haven’t heard him mention since. While in that later interview to me, he seems to be telling what makes a better story - this might not be on purpose though as he is trying to recall what he did a lifetime ago as a young teenager!

Sorry to derail the thread there! Hopefully I should be able to contribute in a more meaningful way when my new motion is completely learned :smiley: