Dunlop Jazz III 2.0 Ultex Black

Hi. Just joined and happy to be a member.

Ive been trying lots of picks lately (mainly jazz IIIs) and I keep coming back to this one.

The tone is somewhat harsh at first but as the pick wears it becomes smoother. Definitely a bright very pronounced attack. Playing is almost effortless with these with the sculpted tip. Really like the grip because its thicker on the griping area than the tip. Also very light and durable.

Any users of this pick? Thoughts?

I’ve dabbled with this pick and agree that the rigid, sculpted tip allows for extremely fast and precise picking. I find it’s not so comfortable to grip, partly because the raised lettering is so pronounced, and partly because the pick itself feels thicker than normal when I grip it. I can imagine uses for this pick, but in typical day-to-day use I gravitate more to black stiffo Jazz III XL or Ultex Sharp 1.0mm.

I tried it and didn’t gel with it. Even thought the lettering is pronounced, it isn’t that grippy and slips from my fingers. The sharp edge is a mileage thing. I think it is a good pick, but it’s not for me.

I was going back and forth between it and the Ernie Ball prodigy mini 2.0.
But the Ultex black 2.0 just feels like butter to me. Ive gotten really used to it.