DWPS and swiping


Hi all,

I am new to the cracking the code technique… It has definately improved my playing. However i have some questions.

Iam struggling with swiping in dwps…
I can swipe perfectly when leaving the string on a downstroke… However leaving string on upstroke to play lower string (i.e from b to e string) is problemetic…

Is there a solution to this?

thanks for your help.


hmmm, afaik you dont need to swipe when leaving the string after an upstroke when using dwps.

The whole point of dwps is that after an upstroke the pick has “escaped” the strings so you can go to a lower or higher string no problem


Normally it would be fine to leave B string on an upstroke… But the problem is that when I go from B to E string, I play one note on the E string before switching again… And leaving upstroke on B means last note on E is a downstroke which is against rules of DWPS.
This is the problem iam facing.


I think that means u gotta do a pulloff as your last note on the B string…that gives you time to set up for an upstroke on the high e string

I think thats the basic Yngwie approach, if there is going to b just one note on a string its usually an upstroke


Got it! Thanks for your reply.