DWPS on 5 String Descending Sweeps?

I’m really enjoying working through the Volcano Seminar and am fairly new to consciously thinking about DWPS. It’s been a huge help!!! (sorry if this issue is addressed in a video that I’ve get to get to!).

Have begun to look through some Joe Stump etudes with 3+ string sweeps. (Hahaha I had Joe Stump as a professor at Berklee a long time ago!!! It’s fun to get back in touch with this kind of technique.) On e.g. 5 string sweep patterns is it recommended to switch to UWPS when descending and then doing a Anti-Gravity rotation to DWPS when you start back on the lowest string?

It seems like if you maintain DWPS throughout that it’s difficult to maintain consistent rhythm on descending sweeps.

I’m also finding with sweeping that it’s easy to maintain timing consistency on 3 string patterns but that on 5 string patterns timing between on the D and G strings is particularly problematic. In general I find that it’s harder to maintain timing consistency with economy picking vs alternate until your body/mind is locked into that new tempo. Maybe it’s a case of just further methodical metronoming of it? Any tips / thoughts appreciated!

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I’m not a pro in sweeping but there’s some trick that helps me to keep rhythm more or less consistent: I just put a pick on a next string I’m going to sweep and even push it a little sometimes. So I don’t cut the strings in one continious motions, but put the pick on a string and wait for a signal from inner metronome )