DWPS (USX) - Picking Index Finger Hitting Strings

Hi All,

This is my first post after signing up about 6 months ago. I have spent a great deal of time studying the DWPS (USX) world of Yngwie’s playing and i have made a significant amount of progress.

I watched the Pick slanting Primer a few days ago to jog my memory and i feel like some of the information has almost now subconsciously changed my picking grip and slanting technique where i now seem to be hitting the string with my right index finger. I don’t know if have too much supination or i am overcompensating on the slant. But i have taken some photos to show the problem i am experiencing with the grip i am naturally making when i pick up the pick.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated - this is absolutely doing my head in and i feel as though i have now completely overthought the fundamentals.

Many Thanks !

I had the same problem at some stage last year. What I did, was alter my grip so that the pick is closer to the fingernail of the index finger, then the index doesn’t stick out too much behind the pick. I also allowed a little more grip exposure.

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I find a bit more pick exposure can help with this. Looks like you’re using the black nylon jazz 3 - could you try the XL and holding it further from the point?

I’ll give that a go thankyou - just to confirm…what do you mean bu a little more grip exposure ?

Just allowing a little more of the pick out of the grip.

You might find that allowing a little more pick out solves the problem. If not, I’d move the pick a little closer to the index finger nail and this should solve it.

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could definitely give that a go i thought the same - the strange thing is ive been using this pick for months and never had an issue. seems to only have popped up somehow in the last day or two.

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I often have to “recalibrate” my pick grip based on subtle differences in my form. It all seems to depend on how I place my right hand when I pick up the guitar that day. I’m pretty sure it’s a normal part of the learning process.

I second what @jptk is advising. You are using a pretty small pick and also gripping it closer to the second knuckle which leaves very little area for the pointer to hide behind.

I would either move the pick down so that it is either resting on the first joint of the index finger, or use a larger pick like the jazz 3 xl if you like nylon, or an ultex flow or sharp.

Moving the pick down may have an effect on how you play, which could actually be a positive, as you might be less restricted in your movement, but may be a little awkward at first. So play around a bit.


I’ll suggest something different: curl your index finger a little bit more (so the nail is almost parallel to the strings) and hold the pick slightly closer to the 2nd knuckle of your index finger. I also use small jazz IIIs and have pretty long fingers.