"Eco-friendly" picks

Well, when I first started exploring picks last year I decided to look for environmentally friendly picks. Of course they’re tiny but I like to avoid buying little bits of plastic and to support companies making a sustainable initiative.

So found a few that I’ll mention below and I’d love to hear of others experiences of these or other “eco-friendly” picks.

I’ve found two recycled plastic picks.

Lindo-eco: Lindo Eco Plectrums Recycled ABS Picks Mixed Gauges and Colours x 6

Made from recycled ABS in a variety of thicknesses. I like the 1.2 and the 1.5. I found them to have a fairly warm tone, versatile for picking and strumming. They are medium noisy picks on acoustic or electric but not much chirp. They tend to slide a bit in my fingers, especially the lighter ones.

Reprotone: http://www.reprotone.com

Three picks: .5, .75, and 1 mm. Made of recyled PET, Nylon (shag carpet), or a mix of Nylon with copper. I like the Shag. they are a bit larger shape, nice to hold, good for strumming blues - a crunchy sound on acoustic or electric. I don’t like them as much for lead due to the thinness. Not chirpy. I like the Nylon-copper blend and the nylon best. very friendly company - I couldn’t get them in the UK so he sent me a sample for free.

Wood: I’ve tried some oak picks made from recylcled Irish whisky barrels and from oaks cut down by the canals in England. Can’t quite get used to them though I love the idea. Fairly thick 1.5 or 2 mm. A bit chirpy, warm tone, slight scrappy feel when picking yet a smooth sound. Need to use them more as a I can’t quite figure them out. I got them from two people on Etsy - I’m keen on avoiding unsustainably sourced wood so the recuperated picks were what I went for. They look great.

Buffalo horn: 10 Real Buffalo Horn Guitar pick with hand carved groove and thumb impression | eBay

These are beautiful with a nice indent for the thumb, on the back there is an angled groove that works for an extended-trigger grip or an angle pad grip. They feel nice in the fingers and pick doesn’t turn in your fingers at all. Fat. 2 mm. Slightly irregular as hand made, but most have a lovely bevel. They slide very smoothly over the strings and create a very warm tone with good sustain. They do produce a lot of picking noise and considerable chirp. The pick doesn’t give at all so encourages flexibility of having a strong or a light grip on the pick as needed.

Anyone out there tried any of these or others that are out there?

I’ve used all 4 of the first version of Rombo Picks, but haven’t tried their new line. I really liked the Diamond from the first version and found it lasted very well. I sometimes use the Origami when strumming acoustic tunes using the piezo pickups on my electric guitar. I’m very curious to try out the Jade model.

Not all of their picks, but the ones in this line, are all eco-friendly (From the website: Recycled guitar picks 100% out of pre-consumer fibre waste).

I found these picks very easy to hold on to and very durable.