"ECONOMY' picking question for pattern choise

Here is the lick and one of the questions would be about this


I play much easier down-up-down-down , and it also work great in the context, so which want do i choose to study better ? so i can reiuse in other contexts too ?

Also how would it be called as all other lick is “economy/directional” as in, everytime u change string u pick in the direction of the string u going to, but if i choose to do those 4 notes differently, what would i call that? so i can remember it and reuse the same way of thinking ? A " break from economy with alternative going back to eocnomy like a “reset” in the patern?

Im new to banomassa and these type of licks and i really wanna learn more on how to choose witch patern to use, could yall also link me vids of troy where i can get into these ? banomassa/eric johson / fast pentatonic bluesy stuff.

Thank u <3

Also stuff like this…

How do i choose the patterns? almost anything feels okey from the “normal” options, how do i choose which is the best and worthy to master ?

Found these on some site, would these be good and efficient banomassa patterns ?

also…are the picking direction notated in the crackingthecode seminars ? I remember someone saying yes at some point

This (two down strokes) would be the way most people would play that lick and what would likely be easier for most. I would choose the way with the two consecutive upstrokes if I wanted to work on descending economy which may be harder for most people. So really practice it both ways.

I’m not sure it’s really necessary to call it anything in particular, or if you want, you can make up a name for it that works for you

Last night i got it both ways to feel okey(2am), hope now when im starting practice again (9am) its still here XD

Aight, practical advice thank u :3

About picking paterns on the licks i mentioned overall guys ? or if u can reccomend which seminar or course from crackingthecode would help me solidifty these kind of stuff ? @Troy