Editing Old Posts

Hi everybody.

I’ve recently noticed that I don’t have permission to edit my old posts. This isn’t usually much of an issue, however I’ve written some very long, detailed posts here and I’ve noticed (or been informed of) small errors in those posts after the time-window for editing has closed. I would like to be able to edit those posts with corrections.

Is it possible to change the editing window?

Hey Tom, yeah I just checked and looks like the default setting is 60 days, I think a security feature to prevent incredibly patient spammers from surreptitiously editing old posts to insert links etc.

I just disabled that setting; we haven’t had too many spam problems so hopefully won’t be an issue. But possible we may have to turn back on the post edit window again in the future. For now though you should be able to edit any post.

Hi Brendan, thanks for making the change.