Edu Ardanuy - where does his finger technique fit?

Here a suggestion for Cracking the Code:

@Troy how about his finger movement for picking?

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Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve got him added on our big list of interesting players we’ve come across. We don’t have a lot specifically on finger motion so that could be cool to explore.

Any specific questions / examples to look at? Feel free to post here for further discussion — as a general note, for players we’re not super familiar with, it definitely can help to kick off the conversation with any interesting technique questions or details you’ve observed. In many cases you may know more about a given player’s technique than we do!

We have a saying in Brazil regarding Edu…

For every “rule” and common sense there’s an exception… when comes to picking using mostly finger based movements Edu is indeed an exception…

I remember in one of Michael Angelo Batio’s interviews he was saying that there was no dynamic for those who play using finger based movements only…lol I think he was wrong…lol

I think this video shows some angles…

There are more videos of him playing with his former band( Dr Sin.)

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We have more material to have a better look at it. I been in many festivals in Brazil and I can tell for a fact Edu Ardanuy is a monster!

oh man I was almost making an entire new thread just to talk about this, I recorded him in a special feature he was doing and I had some footage of it still lying on my phone. When I started the course I went back to it to see if I could catch a glimpse of his playing technique, was blown away by how absolutely odd it was!

here is one of the videos I made that day!

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