EJ first cascade run

Okay I think I got this figured out… I moved EJ forst cascade form e minor to the G pattern on 5th fret because it work good on song I am writing. That being said, I was under the impression that EJ started the run on C in e string with a down stroke…but also from the primer series it was suggested to start with an upstroke in order to be in a position to avoid the hop to the b string…so every time I started with an upstroke by the time I got back to the E on the b string it would be and still is a down stroke. From there every presiding 1 note ( the C n G) are met by an upstroke… But every time the E on the B is a down strike in order for this to work…Did I miss something some where or am I correct

in general the EJ stuff is down, up on each string until you get to stuff like the "5"s where he throws in the one economy pick etc.

if its the bluesy type lick where u bend up and then hit the 1 note on the high E, then yeah thats going to be an upstroke on that single note so as to set up his ‘down/up’ pattern on the next strings

TBH im confused AF by the rest of the question…I got lost in the ups and downs. Tab maybe?

yeah that what I am speaking to because cooming back from 5 to 1 definitely calls for economy picking. Otherwis, like I state there will be an auto matic hop in the sequence