EJ's multiple descending "pathways"


I always play better after watching a few chapters out of the seminars and sometimes pick up something new which I may have missed the first time. I find that the 2 note per string tracking can be challenging at high speeds so I’m paying particular attention to my anchor points now. I’ve spent a lot of time practicing the descending/ascending sixes and fives have and committed a few of the cascades to muscle memory.
I noticed after watching a few live performances of Cliffs of Dover that EJ never plays the intro cascade the way it is on the original recording with the awkward II-I position shift. He seems to have several slick ways of getting through all the position shifts that sound just as bad ass.
So, what I’m asking here is has anyone taken the time to transcribe any of these different pathways?
If not I’ll spend some time and transcribe a few.
Also, I notice EJ tends to barre in places where Troy uses multiple fingerings. I’ve learned both techniques and found that the barre requires less effort and the multiple fingering, although a little more technical, offers more distinction between notes. I’d like to hear other peoples experience between these two techniques.