Embed Guitar Pro files into our posts?

Is there a way we can get to post Guitar Pro files into our posts, IIRC currently the upload filters those extensions out, *.gpx, *.gp, etc.

Perhaps even create a library of these files for reference, not sure what copyright issues could ensue but it would be cool. I love the tedgreene.com forum for this sort of thing.



Sure, seems useful, I think we could give that a try. I’ve whitelisted all the Guitar Pro file types, you should be able to add them to posts as file uploads.

I think the rule of thumb = this should mainly be used for notation you’ve created. Files you didn’t make yourself but have permission to share are also okay. Beyond that generally best to avoid sharing copyrighted files. (This goes for any uploaded file type, not unique to notation.)

Not sure about a file library but I believe if you do a forum search for a file extension e.g. .gp or .mp3 it’ll return posts including that file type. You can also filter by category; I can see this coming in handy for #show-and-tell / #technique-critique posts!

Just note we’ll probably have to remove if we notice people posting obviously copyrighted stuff e.g. files from other products or otherwise using this as a file sharing site.


Fantastic Brendan.

Thanks so much, that was a really quick turn around!

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When you say “embed”, do you mean that you can actually view the tablature as actual notation inside a forum post in the Ted Greene forum? If so, we’d like to see an example of what that looks like. If you’re just saying you’d like to be able to post an attachment, I think we can already do that as long as allow the file type.

I meant upload as attachment, before yesterday those extensions weren’t allowed. Thanks Troy.