EQ in the fx loop

Hi peeps,

Anyone here using EQ pedals in their amp’s effects loop? If so, would you opt for a graphic or parametric one?

UK cost of living crisis and Mesa Boogie’s insane price hikes upon the returning to Europe continues to prevent me from purchasing one of my dream amps - the JP2C (it was £2800 prior to stopping its distribution to Europe, now £4399! :sob::sob::sob:) - it must be the Gibson effect on top of inflation!

Anyhoo, I currently run a Victory Kraken that is lacking in a thicker and smooth tone for leads (Petrucci style - surprise surprise!) - it has plenty of gain, but is a bit harsh and the mids/lower mids (I think) just aren’t there. Putting a boost/overdrive Mesa Flux Drive in front doesn’t really fatten the tone up in the way that I’m after and makes it overly compressed. However putting a Mad professor Underdrive in the fx loop, (bit boosting mids) has given some of the character that I’m after, making the tone warmer and smoother. Its not perfect as it can be a bit woolly, but I’m interested in experimenting further.

I have used a graphic EQ in the past, but not a parametric one. There are plenty of very cheap parametric EQs that offer 1 band EQ, but wondered whether its far better to get a 3 band on instead?

Depends on what you are after. Both can drastically shape the sound of the pre, especially putting it in the loop. parametric eq’s typically can work in band ranges, and give the ability to sweep the frequency within that range, as well as adjust the Q of the filter. A graphic eq will typically have fixed bands of interest with fixed Q’s that can really just boost or cut the particular frequency each filter is set. I think either would be super effective for what you want, and keep in mind the GEQ in those Mesa amps is a big part of the sound, otherwise they are honky squaky messes.

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