Eric Johnson Jazz iii

I was skeptical at first, but these have become my go-to picks. I was initially using the stock red Jazz iii, but for whatever reason I was getting divots on the edges after breaking them in and the pick would catch on the string, making it harder to play fast (and I have a light touch).

The EJ Jazz iii feels slightly thinner, not by much, but the real difference is the edges. They are a lot smoother, not beveled in a used pick kind of way. You still have the pointy tip, it’s just that edges feel / look more rounded off. For the life of me I cannot get the pick to wear down, which is awesome. No divots form, and this is after a week or so of using the same pick. It does have a darker tone overall in comparison, but I think it’s pleasant.

If you’re considering these I think they’re worth a try.


I’ve tried a good amount of the “Jazz III family” and definitely one of the picks that I felt was really good! Might actually pull them out again.

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I’m kicking myself for not trying them sooner! :upside_down_face: