Eric Johnson- Pavilion Cover & Improv by Peter C

Hey all,

Decided to do a cover of dover of Venus Isle, or Venus Cliffs, however one wants to look at it. A really underrated piece in my opinion and I had a lot of fun staying inside and working this one in. Got a lot of inspiration from his live takes and the album cut as well. I appended the ending reprise as a tribute to that version. The bulk of the main song is an interpretation derived from his live takes, which is really just me making excuses for playing too many notes.

Strat- tubescreamer- belle epoch- marshall as usual, with a heathy amount of boss rv-5 mod and a deluxe reverb for the ending reprise.

As always, turn it up and enjoy.


wow, great cover mate. I’m not even close to play sick things like this, but they inspire me to practise even more. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Thanks for that John. Inspiration is always the greatest compliment.


Really outstanding. I think at this point, what with COVID-19 and all, the amount of indoors practice time is going to result in you literally turning into Eric Johnson. I’m serious when I say if you A/B’d his playing and yours I honest to god would not be able to tell the difference lol.


This is probably my favorite Eric Johnson piece. Your cover is beyond excellent! Thanks so much for posting this. Really great playing!


Haha you flatter me but I’ll take the compliments :slight_smile:

In the past, he’s personally commented on one of my videos on facebook; incredibly genuine and kind words from the man.

As such, in these unprecedented times I hope everyone, wherever they may be, can stay safe, even it it looks drab. It is a guitar forum and while we may not know each other beyond six strings, it seems right and necessary that we even leaving passing remarks to see how everyone is doing.


Thanks for the kind words. It’s such an underrated tune isn’t it? This and the reprise in tandem with that flanger finale…unimaginable stuff he was doing at that time.

People seem to have a preference for either his studio or live takes but I’m just not selective enough it seems because I can’t get enough of them all. Red rocks pavilion in 91/92 is so kickass it’s not even funny. If you don’t have the footage I could make that happen for you :slight_smile:


I’ve definitely never seen that, so yes that would be appreciated!

Please send me your email address via pm :slight_smile: