Eric Johnson Style Practice

Hi there all,

I’m new to the forum - it looks like a great place to get some valuable new insights to improve our playing!

I recently purchased Troy’s cascading seminar focusing on the playing style and techniques of Eric Johnson. I’ve really gotten into him over the past year and I’m trying to dedicate as much of my practice time honing in on the techniques he’s employing. Obviously, this is a slow process and can often be frustrating at times, but nevertheless its a fantastic way to expand the musical vocabulary. If anybody else here is really into EJ or perhaps a little bit more well versed in his technique / phrasing do shoot me a message. It’d be great to get any additional insights I can.

Hope you’re all doing well and healthy!


Hey Mike! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’d check out some of the EJ posts by nitro1976 or Peter_C. They both seem to have really developed a great feel for EJ’s technique and tone. It might also be worth checking out some of the mini lessons Eric has been posting on his YouTube channel: