Error on Michael Angelo Batio Style Video

Hi, first i didnt check others videos, but i think there’s an error on the TAB or execution on the “Shift 6” video for “Pickslanting Primer - Batio Style Clips”. The notation says the everything is alternated but when i saw the video in slow motion i notice that Troy is not doing that, on the first run everything seems all right but on the others he omits one down stroke on the last note on B string, starting again on the E string with a up stroke.


Thanks for reporting! Adding to our list to take a look + fix as needed.

Hi! Are you saying I’m not making an upstroke motion, or are you saying I’m simply missing the string when I make the upstroke motion? These are two different things.

I am attempting to pick all notes here, and I’m pretty sure I’m making all the picking motions necessary to do that. If I am missing the string on some of these motions, this is what I call an “airball”.

Fun fact, Mike himself does this occasionally when he plays the ascending scale, and you can see it if you examine the footage we filmed from both his old and new interviews. I’m certain he’s not aware of it much in the same way that I’m often not aware when this happens.

Whether you consider this a mistake is a matter of interpretation. Especially in cases where it’s not sonically audible or visible without seeing it in slow-motion video. If a player does this so often that it’s a consistent feature of their playing, and sounds good, you could make the case that it’s not a mistake at all, but simply a technique the player isn’t aware of.

People often ask us how the players we interview can be unaware of the things they’re doing — well, now you’re seeing another example of that by the people who “discovered” all the things the other players weren’t aware of. Karma!

Long story short, the tablature for this is correct. I am trying to pick all notes. Whether I succeed in doing that every time is another story!