Escape motion preference changes with guitar position

As a guitar player, I find myself noodling at many hours of the day, in different rooms, on different couches, in bed, etc. Something I have noticed recently is that my ability/preference for escape motions can change quite a bit depending on which guitar I am using and how I am holding it. For example, if I am laying in bed playing an acoustic, I find it much easier to use an upward/two way escape motion style. Whereas if I am sitting on the couch watching TV with an unplugged electric, with the guitar more cinched close, upwards escape playing feels much more natural. Standing also makes a big difference; upwards escape motions no longer feel natural even with the same guitar if I am playing while standing with the strap at a standard length.

Has anyone else experienced this, or anything like it? Is this a bad habit since it breaks up the consistency, or is it a good habit because it changes up the motions frequently? I am an upwards escape player, but I’ve always wanted to be able to play the alternate picking style of mixed escapes and finding it more comfortable in different positions feels like it gives me hope of doing so. But I also don’t want to keep jumping back and forth between perfecting a clean and consistent USX style by going back to trying to get basic mixed escape patterns down.

I suspect that most guitarists can play in two positions, (1) with the guitar on their right leg as well as (2) a standing position. I try to make sitting and standing be as identical as possible regarding the guitar placement, and that is less work for me.