Eugene's trick bag blind folded

Hi Guys,

So I’m currently attempting to learn Eugene’s Trick bag and came across this video of a guy playing it blindfolded!

I think it’s suspicious and was wondering what everyone else would check it out?

The main thing which makes me think it’s not genuine is because at the end of this piece you play some really high notes so bending the high e on the 24th fret and then the final note is impossible to played on the fretboard so you use your finger nail over the pole piece to play the note which I think would be fret 29 on the high e if it existed.

This guy is bending a note much lower down in the video which is what’s making me think it isn’t genuine.

Or am I being really dumb and he’s doing something really clever?

I originally though maybe he’d tuned his high e string higher and was playing the rest of piece of some clever way but I’ve followed it though and that doesn’t appear to be the case.

What’s going on here?

He seems to have lots of blindfolded videos and also seems to have no problem looking away from the guitar during his regular playing; I bet that he is legit.

Pinch harmonic on that high note. Feels legit. You can even see his thumb move into position when he starts using it.

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Audio seems to be partially replaced, during the second half at least. There are a few notes where he’s visibly off by a fret or two vs. the audio.

Timestamp | Notes in audio | Notes fretted on video

0:57 | e5p3 | e5p2 (F# is actually the right note there)
0:58 | e19p16 b17 | e18p15 (or 14? fingertip right on 14th fret) b16
0:58.5 | e17 | e18 (next 2 notes inconclusive but fingertip is right on the fret and would probably have muted if not sounded a semitone higher)
1:00 | e10p7 | e9p6
1:00.5 | e20 | e21
1:11 | b17 | b18 (maybe b19)

Some other notes look sketchy with fingertip more or less directly on the fretwire, but it’s the intended fret or one below.

Final high notes at 1:17 don’t really look like any sort of harmonic technique, just an octave-up pitch shifter while picking normally. Also the little pop/noise at 1:08 could be caused by something else but it sounds like sloppy take splicing without a crossfade to me.


OMG your analysis is incredible, how can you see such little details so quickly?!

Wow thanks that’s a great analysis, so it truly is fake guitar. I all of a sudden feel a lot better about my playing, cheers :slight_smile:

I think he does this for a living. :rofl:

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