Favorite hooks - instrumental songs


Post 'em up.


I like the riff in Extremist, makes me think of a Heavier Hendrix :slight_smile:


he said that was written for a TV commercial where he wrote a 30 and 60 sec version of it etc.

this is a pretty cool instrumental. u can hear the sort of Rush combined with Robin Trower influences. I like the little sassy part like 1:12-1:15

then again I sort of hate the “Santana trying to play fast” like 1:22-1:26 lol


This main riff has been at the forefront of my mind ever since I first heard it. Even got it stuck in my girlfriends head :blush:


Steve Vai’s I Would Love To.


Man! There are so many in Satch’s songs that I love. But I’ll post one I’ve listened to lately. David Maxim Micic’s “Living Room”:


Morgan Agren, Kleerup, Joel Svensson:


Love this thread, lots of great phrases to practice!

0:28 to 0:35

The intro of this song as well

And 2:50 to 3:12, amazing phrasing, still haven’t found the time to properly practice it

Keep them coming people, there so much stuff to learn from threads like this.


Apart from a bunch of stuff you guys probably already know. This one has always struck me as beautiful melody. Though not instrumental the guitar part is amazing. Starts at about 1:20

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there are so many that I can think of, but this is a recent favourite:

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Just realised this is not an instrumental so I should be disqualified but I love the main riff and the solos (not so much the verse):


I downloaded this when I first got a Spotify account, quite a while back, in the interest of copping licks.
This album turned out to be a favorite for listening, and the songs are short and lyrical enough to be almost entirely a “riff.”

Guthrie Govan – Beautiful Imperfection

(My apologies, I don’t know how to embed the video)


Gravity Storm is another one of my favs from that album. Didn’t Vai create the melody for Weeping China Doll from the arrangement of flowers in his garden? Seems like I remember that from the DVD that came with the CD.


Thank you for such a great vids! All made with sense of style!