Favorite hooks - instrumental songs

Post 'em up.


I like the riff in Extremist, makes me think of a Heavier Hendrix :slight_smile:


he said that was written for a TV commercial where he wrote a 30 and 60 sec version of it etc.

this is a pretty cool instrumental. u can hear the sort of Rush combined with Robin Trower influences. I like the little sassy part like 1:12-1:15

then again I sort of hate the “Santana trying to play fast” like 1:22-1:26 lol


This main riff has been at the forefront of my mind ever since I first heard it. Even got it stuck in my girlfriends head :blush:


Steve Vai’s I Would Love To.


Man! There are so many in Satch’s songs that I love. But I’ll post one I’ve listened to lately. David Maxim Micic’s “Living Room”:


Morgan Agren, Kleerup, Joel Svensson:


Love this thread, lots of great phrases to practice!

0:28 to 0:35

The intro of this song as well

And 2:50 to 3:12, amazing phrasing, still haven’t found the time to properly practice it

Keep them coming people, there so much stuff to learn from threads like this.


Apart from a bunch of stuff you guys probably already know. This one has always struck me as beautiful melody. Though not instrumental the guitar part is amazing. Starts at about 1:20

Sorry. The guitar part starts about 1:20.
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there are so many that I can think of, but this is a recent favourite:

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Just realised this is not an instrumental so I should be disqualified but I love the main riff and the solos (not so much the verse):

I downloaded this when I first got a Spotify account, quite a while back, in the interest of copping licks.

This album turned out to be a favorite for listening, and the songs are short and lyrical enough to be almost entirely a “riff.”

Guthrie Govan – Beautiful Imperfection:

Gravity Storm is another one of my favs from that album. Didn’t Vai create the melody for Weeping China Doll from the arrangement of flowers in his garden? Seems like I remember that from the DVD that came with the CD.

Thank you for such a great vids! All made with sense of style!