Feodor Dosumov - thumb picked blazing

I was surprised to see no results coming up on the search for Feodor. This guy absolutely rules! He plays with a thumb pick and uses it to facilitate sweeping, tapping,

Some good close ups of his technique here -

I swear there’s a clip of him straight up alternate picking with the thumb pick, but I can’t find it. When I do I’ll post here.


This thread’s so old but Im about to try this! The kicker is you can just bring your index finger to your thumb and use it like a regular pick if need be


What kind of thumbpick are you using?

I like the Herco ones and the Fred Kelly Bumblebee.

I just got my herco thumb picks yesterday and for a few bucks they’re pretty good! I also bought the chris Broderick pick clip which should be delivered tomorrow. I think the pick clip will be solid since I can just use a wider variety of picks. The Fred Kelly ones seem cool too, but they’re $12 a pop on Amazon and if the pick gets dull quickly you have to buy a whole new one


The Herco ones are great, my favourites for sure.

I have seen the pick clip but never picked one up, it looks like a cool idea.