Finally filmed my picking in slow motion... ouch

Hi everyone.

After watching loads of TG content, I thought I was getting decent-ish at crosspicking. It sounds a little sloppy though, and I’ve hit some speed walls that I’m struggling to break through.

So I thought I’d film myself in slow motion for the first time to figure out what’s up.

The part I filmed is from the Andy Wood course. Orange Blossom Special.

I don’t have a magnet, but I got as close as I could.

The results are brutal!

  • I don’t think that I’m string hopping… but I might be.
  • I’m not consistently clearing strings when jumping >1 string resulting in some extra unintentional picking.
  • I’m not even clearing strings after an upstroke on my way to the next higher string.
  • I’m stopping some of my pick motions by backing into a string that I’m not meaning to pick.

What a mess. I’m going to slow way down and start over. Any guidance appreciated, as are any other notes on problems that I didn’t see.

Thank you. I’m a big fan of this community.

The painful video: slow motion picking - YouTube

Maybe it’s just me, but I think a “normal” speed video is helpful (sometimes moreso).


Definitely! Normal speed to get a sense of the big picture, slow motion to check any small details in case there are problems (or just to confirm picking trajectory etc)