Finally got a Magnet pls help

Finally got magnet and I’m looking to figuring out some habits I have. Trying to get USX down. Biggest problems have been obviously been accuracy when switching strings and that my index finger fold (like the knuckly looking bony part above the finger nail) is heavily callused and is annoying. This problably isn’t a great example video but I wanted to also ask for any reccomendations on things/exercises that might exemplify my problems more for another video.

Thank you so much for the help

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Hey there!

FYI I edited your link so that the video can play directly on the Forum. Instructions here :slight_smile:

I’d say your playing is much too slow and deliberate for us to really say anything about it! We need to see what happens at speed.


The last four seconds of the video show a tremolo at decent speed on the low E string. It looks pretty fluid to me, and it’s at the angle such that if Johannes was playing a 7 string it would be USX. :smiley:

Maybe the motion is a little on the big side? I can see from the rest of the video that accuracy is a challenge.