Finally got my AS in Jazz and Contemporary Music after 25 years from UMA

Well I finally got my Music Degree after 20 plus years.
I started way back in '93 at the University of Maine at Augusta. I went for quite awhile but never really succeeded at getting a degree. I then went off to do electrical work in Florida as it was booming and then finally getting my BSEE from South Florida in Power Systems. After some time I really wanted my music credits to go towards something so last year I emailed my old school and man glad I did. They rolled my old classes in and transferred all my gen ed stuff I had done at USF and in the end only had to do 3 more classes. I started with audio recording last fall and did great, then said well I am gonna knock it out in one semester so I took two classes this spring, Jazz History and Digital Music Systems and passed both with flying colors.
I just want to give a shout out to UMA and how they are doing good things with online education in music. The prices are more than fare compared to other online music schools, and the teachers are really great people. So if you have ever considered music school online. Check them out. I do not think you will be disappointed. Again this is not to toot my own horn but to spread the UMA word.


That’s so awesome. Congratulations!

I’ve thought about going to music school for a long time, but with work and kids and a family it’s just never been realistic. You’ve given me hope. :smiley:

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Dude. I hear yeah I got two kids myself and work full time and it does work. All the stuff was prerecorded for the most part you can watch on your time and take the exams on your time as well in the time frame they have set which is a week. pretty much. It is totally doable as long as you do not get overwhelmed and take to much. I did it cause I am a night owl anyway so when others went to bed I stayed up and did the class. I found myself getting board of watching TV late at night so I was like I am gonna do this.


Awesome! This inspires me to go back and get mine even more!!

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