FINALLY! Im getting somewhere

Ok @Troy I’m officially forever in debt. Before I found the cracking the code videos I was a mediocre rhythm player and I’d decided to just accept that for the rest of my life. These videos, this forum all of it have all ignited my passion for guitar and I’m currently making great strides in playing ability now. I really honestly just thought Evh and everyone was special, I’ve commented several times on your YouTube channel claiming I’m just going to quit playing because it’s so hard… now I’m learning solos (easier ones) all over the place. I even have a new found passion for scales and theory too. Really insane. I love you for it. Thanks to everyone who’s been so helpful. I’ll be trying to find a way to pay it back somehow… after I buy some more gear though.


Hey @Jarrodpimentals that’s great :smiley:

If you feel like sharing more details, I’d be curious to know in which area you think you made the most progress, how you are measuring that progress and if you remember what steps you followed to achieve it.

We’re always trying to find ways to improve our teaching and this kind of feedback is very helpful thank you :slight_smile:

Oh well I was awful. Like 1234 chromatic was always a problem for me since day 1. Probably a psychological issue implanted with that exercise. I could do it but VERY SLOW and I would continuously hit multiple strings. There are so many things like that that I couldn’t do cleanly. And it’s finally all starting to come together. I might not be playing eruption yet but I know I will be at some point.


Just an update on this, I can play eruption now (at about 80% speed) but accurately. I’ve made major strides since this post and I couldn’t be happier. I literally think about how thankful I am to troy and YouTube everytime I play.


Sorry I never directly replied to you. I was awful, my picking technique was naturally the opposite of all the working efficient techniques described by all here and on troys YouTube. I’m an inside string picker and I favor up strokes. Like I play crazy train I start that main pick low e string with 2 up picks. My brain was broken. I’ve corrected how I hold the pick and my stroke technique. Like there was literally no solos I could play before cracking the code. I can play crazy train solo now, You’ve got another thing coming, floods, Panama. Shit I even played the police every breath you take, which is not easy picking. At least the tabs I found. Im having a great time turning into the guitar player I always wanted to be.

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