Finally some technique vids (sort of)


Ok this might be interesting. Newb clueless smartphone user. Managed to film some playing which I managed to upload but now struggling to get link to post.

ok finally lol.

All the usual disclaimers apply. Weird contraption hooked to guitar. Only been using jazz3xl for one week after using yellow Tortex for 30 years. Not warmed up etc

No clue what I even played and the sound seems low maybe. Dunno.

Very frustrating process but at least I managed to post vids. Yall know last week i was asking what phone to buy etc

Hopefully this process gets WAY better eventually. eventually ill learn how to zoom out lol. I was getting really frustrated with the process

Anyway, lt me know what u think. I havent even really watched them yet…only briefly. One thing that stood out to me was that i am now more uwps than I realized lol

Lemme now what yall think or anything interesting you see. Very sloppy and uptight playing due to circumstances. Some shakiness in cam setup too

What basic motion does this look like?

ok this one shows the hand a bit more but its noisier as I still had the fan on lol

Thanks, JJ


A possible cause of the low volume is that whatever you’re using to hold the phone might be covering the external mic on your phone. I sometimes accidentally put a finger over the mic when I’m recording videos sometimes, and the volume drops drastically!

Also, I suspect others might suggest that you find a different angle for recording videos. It appears you’re actually too close to your picking hand. Being able to see your arm and elbow in the shot helps people, much more well versed in these things than I, give you better feedback. I suggest going for a more ‘down the strings’ sort of angle that allows us to see your forearm and elbow in the shot.


What I’m seeing here is switching from an up slant to a down slant to go in the same direction rather than keeping one slant fixed.

I have a possible solution for this you may want to try.

What I’ve found useful to try and get a sense of whether the plectrum is slanting up is down is to play a continuous tremolo on the first string and/or the sixth string and then arc the pick between an up slant and a down slant keeping the tremolo going, arcing back and forward between the two slants, and then you really feeling the smoothness or the resistance on the plectrum.

And when you’ve got the tremolo feeling smooth on the pick with whichever slant you want to use, then release the tremolo force into a three string per note run, maybe just three frets next to each other on all six strings, and see if you can keep the same angle of pick which should then pick all the notes without any string hopping forcing the pick upwards.